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OPALS update (April 2013):
    The national SEADAE committee is providing inservice to art educators in the state to serve as reviewers for the OPALS writing process (see below).
    Writers on the OPALS committee have signed confidentiality agreements; they can talk about the framework, not about the work.
    The first targeted grade level is 8th grade, with May 2013 slated as the due date for review of the first draft.  The timeline for Oregon's OPALS process is in flux, based on what NAEA is doing with its drafting of the new national standards.


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Oregon Alliance for Arts Education leading

 Next Generation Oregon Arts Standards


The Oregon Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE), the statewide advocacy organization promoting PreK-12 instructional access to the arts for all students, is leading an effort to revise and update the Oregon Arts Content Standards.  In partnership with the leading professional arts education organizations in dance, music, theatre, visual arts and media arts and in consultation with the Oregon Department of Education, OAAE will develop and fund a statewide working group to align Oregon’s arts standards to the new voluntary national standards in the arts and the Common Core State Standards.  These standards will re-affirm that the arts are a core academic subject area in the well-rounded curricular education of Oregon’s PreK-12 students. 

The last time Oregon visual and performing arts standards were updated was 2004.  National Arts Standards were last revised in 1994 (Dance in 2005). Funding from state sources has not been available to revise the Oregon standards and align them with the new national effort from the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS). (NCCAS is comprised of the leading arts education organizations in the U.S. For more information about NCCAS and the national Next Generation Arts Standards Project, go to http://nccas.wikispaces.com.)

The Oregon Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE) will support the writing of state voluntary arts standards through project leadership, administrative management, funding of standards writing teams and the convening of arts education stakeholders.  As part of the effort and in parallel to the NCCAS national work, OAAE recognizes the growing interest and diversity of media arts within public education and will draft standards to help guide teachers who provide instruction in this area.

OAAE is committed to creating re-envisioned voluntary, discipline-specific, web-based arts standards that will build on the 2004 Oregon Arts Standards that have helped guide curriculum designers, pre-professional training programs, funders, and state policy makers in their PreK-12 arts decision making.  The new arts standards will be accessed through up-to-date web technology for sorting, comparing, reviewing and developing materials and tools for classroom use.

“Our goal is to write arts standards that will fully describe expectations for student learning in all the arts that has the ability to serve as the connector between the arts and other subjects in the curriculum,” said Nancy Carr, President of OAAE, former Arts Consultant for the California Department of Education, and now Oregon resident.  Richard Burrows, retired director of Los Angeles Unified School District’s nationally recognized 10-year arts education effort, is an independent strategic adviser to OAAE.  Mr. Burrows co-chairs with Nancy Carr the Oregon Partnership for Arts Learning Standards (OPALS) project and is also a national delegate to the NCCAS leadership team.  He comments, “The arts play a pivotal role in putting a strong, versatile and creative culture at the heart of contemporary learning for young minds, and new standards will help bring artistic meaning to achievement goals for all students.”

OAAE leadership and stakeholders will meet in Salem, Oregon in September 2012 to finalize plans with an anticipated completion date for new Oregon arts standards of Fall 2013.  Contemporary research and a new arts learning framework will guide all five writing teams (dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts) in the refinement of their state-wide work.  (NCCAS is currently in the first stages of creating drafts of arts standards that will inform the Oregon work.)  In the coming months, OAAE will issue a call for Oregon reviewers who will examine and comment on the new standards created by the writing teams.  To apply to be an arts standard writer go to www.oregonarts.net/.

For more arts information about the Oregon Department of Education, contact Michael Fridley at Michael.Fridley@state.or.us.  For more information about the Oregon Alliance for Arts Education and OPALS, contact Nancy Carr at njcarroaae@gmail.com.

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OAAE = Oregon Alliance for Arts Education

ODE = Oregon Department of Education

OMEA = Oregon Music Educators Association

OTEA = Oregon Theatre Educators Association

OTAA = Oregon Theatre Arts Association

NDEO = National Dance Educators Organization (Oregon Members)

OAEA = Oregon Art Educators Association